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anachronie [userpic]

Last Ride Of The Day

October 23rd, 2014 (06:00 pm)
current mood: dreamy
current song: Last Ride of the Day, Nightwish

I was shuffling through my favorite albums today and ended up in Imaginaerum by Nightwish. This is an album that I took long to "understand" and fall in love with. I never took time to read the lyrics and memorize the name of the songs, though - I know "Taikatalvi" and the other 4 songs after it, then there were the "other cool songs", "the scary songs", "the crazy song with unknown name" and "the everything-together-instrumental".
However, today, I wanted to listen to the "crazy song with unknown name" again, because it kinda matched with something inside of me that I could not explain. But what was its name? For the little bit of the lyrics I remembered, I took a chance on "last ride of the day" because the name reminded me of something going as fast as heartbeats.
I got it right!
But then I decided it was time already to go for the lyrics as well.
My surprise was to read it and see poetry, many feelings and a song that could explain my soul, somehow.
I felt confused and happy at the same time, and I imagined something... maybe it's too silly? But's been years since the last time I went to an amusement park, and I miss riding the carousel really badly. I imagined this song playing and a photoshoot, or a clip being filmed: me in a dreamy outfit, an amusement park at sunset. Laughter and sparkling lights, cotton candy and carousel ponies, but also shadows, figures, something haunting like in a ghost story or horror movie. Things delicate and somber, kinda like life is: with its good and bad sides, both happiness and sorrow.
The clip/photoshoot would end in a bittersweet way, because the last ride of the day is never fully happy - you will enjoy it until the end, but it's such a pity that it's time to go back home... ♥

So, here are the lyrics:

"Last Ride of the Day"

We live in every moment but this one
Why don't we recognise the faces loving us so

What's God if not the spark that started life
Smile of a stranger
Sweet music, starry skies
Wonder, mystery, wherever my road goes
Early wake-ups in a moving home
scent of fresh-mown grass in the morning sun
Open theme park gates waiting for

Riding the day, every day into sunset
Finding the way back home

Once upon a night we'll wake to the carnival of life
the beauty of this ride ahead such an incredible high
It's hard to light a candle, easy to curse the dark instead
This moment the dawn of humanity
The last ride of the day

Wake up, dead boy
Enter adventureland
Tricksters, magicians will show you all that's real
Careless jugglers, snake charmers by your trail
Magic of a moment